Piz Cladding System - Sistema di rivestimento

Piz Cladding System - Sistema di rivestimento

sistema, rivestimento, costruzioni, risparmio, energetico, architettonico

sistema, rivestimento, costruzioni, risparmio, energetico, architettonico

sistema, rivestimento, costruzioni, risparmio, energetico, architettonico

sistema, rivestimento, costruzioni, risparmio, energetico, architettonico

H89 ®

  • Product info
    Make up

    External skin: Modified fibre mortar stabilizing components full body colour, Insulation layer type NEOPOR (BASF ) certificate EN 13163. External surface finishing available : smooth (standard finishing), on request Materique, rough, granular and type IS with photocatalysis surface

    behaviour strong self cleaning property.

    Panel Specific thermal Conductivity

    tipo H 89 = 0,39 W/m2K

    Water vapour permeability

    the system is vapour permeable with open joint panel certified permeability valuee: µ=86

    Water capillarity absorption

    under full water immersion after one hour less than 0,03 Kg/m2

    Panel weight the average weight is 21 Kg/m2

    Resistance system under wind suction test

    variable from min = 6053 N/m2 - to max = 8000 N/m2 - based on panel dimensions and type of joint “0” or “15”

    Impact Resistance

    comply category I e III ETAG 17 overlap the impact soft test 400 Joule and hard impact test 10 Joule see ETA evaluation document

    Soundproofing Power:

    Sound absorption minimum value= 7db

    Panel sizes

    below schedule of standard panel sizes with possibility a plus or minus 20 mm. Sizing mm. by mm. increment or decrement.

    Tender Specifications PIZ H89 cladding system Cladding system consisting of :

    The panel has thickness 89 mm made up of external skin 8-9 mm. thick alkaline resistant fibre glass reinforced modified cement mortar metal oxide full depth coloured paste resistant to atmospheric agents, grafite loaded polystyrene, a 80 mm thick insulating flame retarded expanded synthesised polystyrene, overall thickness of the system install with the rail is 92 mm. The lower and upper horizontal edges of the cement mortar are thickened and grooved to allow the insertion of continuous aluminium extruded rail, a secondary continuous longitudinal wing in the profile is insert in a polystyrene groove for improve the watertight property of the system. Aluminium rail is treated against atmospheric attack, special double wing design allow collect and drive out the rain water. The vertical edges of the panel are grooved to allow the insertion of an omega aluminium profile for the 15mm gap joint or a PVC “T” profile for the “0” mm gap joint. The system shall be secured to the existing sub-structure (iron frame, concrete wall, masonry wall) by means of screws or expansion fixings. Surface finishing and colour of the panels and aluminium profiles shall be to the client’s choice

    Panel size H..........mm L ............mm
    Surface finishing ...................... (smooth-rough-granular)
    Vertical joint ...................(0/15 mm) joint colour ............... (only for 15 mm.)
    Horizontal joint................(15 mm) joint colour ................(only for 15mm)

    Panel tests and performance comply as per AVIS TECHNIQUE N° 2/12-1492*V1, ETA 06/0135 (European Technical approval) - CSTBat 62-1126.

  • Product image

Info PIZ System

  • Aluminium section

    The anodised aluminium support rails are available in black or silver (also available on demand in RAL colours), or similar piz colors.

  • Anchoring systems

    The screw or expansion fixings are determined at design stage according to support surface. Panels are available in standard sizes (see table) with a +/- 20 mm variation

    • HEIGHT: 450/600 mm
    • LENGTH: 450/600/675/900/1200/1350 mm
  • Appearance

    Maximum freedom of design, configuration and expression, combinations of shapes, colours and joints, amazing improvements of existing buildings. As the panels are not chemically treated or painted, small defects, dents, tension lines, efflorescences or flaws and textures may be visible.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Reasonable cost, energy-saving performance, no maintenance expenses, direct installation on all surfaces without preliminary works (no need for plastering or replastering).

  • Duration

    Metal structure with anticorrosion coating, high quality cement surface, certified anchoring systems, anti-deterioration insulating layer.

  • Ease of installation

    Easy and safe installation on all surfaces, also of irregular kind. Any preliminary works are often unnecessary. Installation does not require any special equipment or particularly skilled workers. Easy-to-inspect configuration. Quick and easy panel replacement, if required.

  • Versatility

    Facade covering for civil, industrial, and commercial buildings, both new and under renovation or restructuring.

  • Performances

    • Resistance to atmospheric agents (water, wind, heat, cold)
    • good fire behaviour (certified materials)
    • delayed flame propagation in case of fire
    • impact and abrasion resistance
    • transpirability
    • condensation and mildew prevention
    • increase in living comfort.

    Specific thermal conductance of the panel:
    • standard 54 = 0,66 W/m2K
    • PLUS66 = 0,52 W/m2K
    • H89 = 0,38 W/m2K
    Water vapour permeability: transpiring system with open joints. Water Vapour Permeability: μ=86 Water Absorption: under full water immersion after one hour less than 0,03 Kg/m2 Panel weight: 20/21 Kg/m2 (average weight) Resistance under wind suction test: variable from 3300 N/m2 (min) to 8319 N/m2 (max) depending on panel size and type of joint. Impact Resistance: in compliance with category I e III ETAG 17. The system passes the impact soft test (400 Joule) and hard impact test (10 Joule). Soundproofing Power: Sound absorption minimum value= 7 dB Reaction to fire: PIZ standard 54/PLUS66/H89 Euroclass B-s1-d0 PIZ ROCK METABIO A1

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