PIZ Cladding Systems

piz cladding systems

An innovative cladding system for civil and industrial buildings.

The structure is installed by positioning light alloy guides on the surface to be cladded and then fixing the panels on these guides. The panel consists of a layer of modified fiber-reinforced cement mortar coupled with a sheet of insulating material.
a unique system

Developed to meet growing market needs

In terms of energy saving and architectural improvement.

The system is designed to cover all types of buildings, both new and under renovation.

There are three different types of panel Standard 54, Plus 66 and H89. The panel has a thickness of 54/66/89 mm and includes a layer of external cement mortar of 9 mm combined with an insulating layer in expanded polystyrene 45/57/80 mm.

Maximum design freedom, configuration and expression.

The combinations of shapes, colours and joints produce surprising improvements to existing buildings. Since the panels are not treated or painted, small defects, dents, tension lines, efflorescence or defects and textures chemically may be visible.
Colours and Finishes

We have a wide range of finishes and colours

able to meet the different needs and requirements depending on the various types of intervention.
Laying of the new panels
PIZ Cladding Systems

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A Precise and Innovative cladding system developed by ZECCA group.

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