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Lotus effect

The Lotus effect is obtained on the surface of PIZ panels using in the production phase of an extremely efficient special technology based on Nano materials. The advantages are a significant increase in the contact angle between water and the surface of the panel now equal to about 140 ° (increase in surface energy), this translates into high water repellence and thus a decrease of more than 50% of water absorption by surface capillarity already very good in the traditional PIZ panel. The above combined with the high surface PH value (PH 14 approximately) that blocks the germination of mould or microorganisms, ensures a higher aesthetic durability of the facade coated with the PIZ system, a higher maintenance cleaning interval of the facade i.e. lower operating costs, ultimately a high degree of self-cleaning of the facade.

PIZ IS® (state-of-the-art photocatalytic product with self-cleaning properties)

The great peculiarity of this effect is that it harnesses solar energy using photocatalytic materials that give the panels self-cleaning properties. Photo catalysis improves the aesthetic requirements of preserving the colour of surfaces and allows a significant reduction in maintenance costs, as they do not require frequent cleaning.


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