e-PIZ is the new multifunctional facade cladding system BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic system) that provides thermal and acoustic insulation. It is fire-resistant, and generates clean solar energy. It is a revolutionary system because it combines the advantages of the proven and effective facade cladding technology developed by PIZ srl with photovoltaic energy production.

The installation is done completely dry with mechanical fixing of the aluminium support profiles, just like the standard PIZ system, ensuring speed and ease of installation. It is always possible to combine e-PIZ panels with standard panels on the same facade, maximizing the use of photovoltaic panels where irradiation conditions are more favourable (south-facing or on upper floors), limiting the shading effect or prioritizing the facade design.

The e-PIZ system adds and implements new functionalities to the external cladding of a building, particularly ensuring:

  • Excellent fire reaction of the system, Euroclass classification B-s1,d0
  • High sound absorption power of 13 dB
  • Maximum breathability
  • Good thermal insulation λ = 0.038 W/mK
  • Electricity production of up to 150 W/sqm

PIZ Cladding Systems

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