Multifunctional BIPV Facade Cladding System, our latest breakthrough in active facade cladding

19 July 2023

e-PIZ is the new multifunctional facade cladding system considered as BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) concept. e-PIZ provides thermal and acoustic insulation, generates clean solar energy guaranteeing a good fire reaction. It has been developed by PIZ srl and tested during the Horizon 2020 project called #BIPVBOOST.

The installation of the system follows a completely dry method, utilizing mechanical fixing of the aluminum support profiles. This process is similar to the standard PIZ system, which ensures a quick and easy installation.
e-PIZ panels can be combined with standard panels on the same facade. This allows the optimization of photovoltaic panels in areas where irradiation conditions are more favorable, such as south-facing or upper floors. #PIZ


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