Launch of the BIPVBOOST H2020 project

26 January 2021

BIPVBOOST is a new Europe-wide Innovation Action, funded under the Horizon 2020 program. The project was launched in October 2018, with a preliminary meeting held by TECNALIA at its facilities in Bilbao, Spain, Oct. 4-5.

The meeting brought together the 19 partners forming the consortium and served as a starting point for the BIPVBOOST project. The overall ambition of the BIPVBOOST project is focused on reducing the cost of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions and processes, enabling compliance with key market requirements and contributing to widespread implementation in nZEBs (Zero Energy Buildings). The premise of the project is that the uptake of the BIPV market has been hampered in recent years by industry's difficulties in providing holistic solutions that conform to key market demands, such as aesthetics, design flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. In this sense, a joint industry effort is crucial to devise and develop high-efficiency, multifunctional building materials to increase market opportunities globally for European PV and building value chains. BIPVBOOST will address these challenges by implementing short- and medium-term cost reduction along the BIPV value chain:

  • Flexible and automated BIPV manufacturing process.
  • Broad portfolio of multifunctional BIPV products.
  • Digitized process and energy management system along the chain.
  • Advanced standardization activities to support the qualification of BIPV systems for massive implementation in the construction industry.

Led by TECNALIA, BIPVBOOST will be implemented by a multidisciplinary team of 19 partners from 7 European countries involving industrial and research partners. The owners of the four demonstration buildings (PIZ, Mondragón Assembly, ISFOC, OPTIMAL Computing) were chosen based on criteria of geographic distribution, building types and use, market replication potential, and ability to support related project activities. The industrial partners (15 out of 19) cover the BIPV industrial value chain, including architects (VIRIDEN), BIPV equipment manufacturers (Mondragón Assembly), BIPV module manufacturers (ONYX, FLISOM), roof and façade manufacturers (TULIPPS, PIZ, SCHWEIZER) , general contractors (COMSA), software developers (EnerBIM, OPTIMAL), and experts in building energy management systems (3E).

In addition, experts in PV / BIPV market, business models and policies (ICARES Consulting), dissemination and communication (WIP), and life cycle analysis (CYCLECO) provide highly relevant expertise in their fields. Finally, 4 research organizations (TECNALIA, SUPSI, EURAC, and CSTB) provide key support for technical activities. At least 17 demonstrations of innovative solutions will result from the successful implementation of the BIPVBOOST project. Together with the broad involvement of industrial partners in the consortium, a solid foundation will be to pursue a 50 percent reduction in the additional cost of BIPV modules in 2020 and a 75 percent reduction in 2030, and thus a substantial increase in the market uptake of BIPV technology..

Technical Information

  • GA Number: 817991
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Start Date: 01 Oct 2018
  • Estimated project costs: € 11,434,538.75
  • EU contribution requested € 8,844,070.14
  • Coordinator: TECNALIA

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